Booking & Cancellation Policy

Mopp Hair requires a minimum of 24-48 hours notice for you to avoid being charged a cancellation or rescheduling fee on the credit card you supplied with your booking. This minimum cancellation period gives us a fair opportunity to fill your appointment.

A definition of our 'Policies', 'Fair Notice' and your 'Responsibilities' apply and are supplied for your convenience below.


Rescheduling, Cancellations & No Shows

Fair Notice Policies:

If notice is received 24 hours before your appointment:
  • If you provide only 24 hours notice, you will forfeit your 25% deposit and an additional 25% will charged to upon cancelling to reschedule your booked services
  • This means you forfeit a total of 50% of the full value of your appointment if you are unable to attend or make changes without due notice.
  • If you were using a gift voucher as payment, 50% of the appointment value will be charged to voucher.
  • These fees are necessary to help us cover some of the lost earnings that affect the day-to-day running of our small local business.
If notice is received 48 hours before your appointment:
  • If you provide only 48 hours notice, you forfeit your 25% deposit to reschedule or cancel your booked services.
  • This means you forfeit 25% of the full value of your appointment if you are unable to attend or make changes without due notice.
  • If you were using a gift voucher as payment, 25% of the appointment value will be charged to voucher.
  • These fees help us cover some of the lost earnings that affect the day-to-day running of our small local business.
Appointment changes or cancellations received under 24 hours or no shows:
  • If you don’t show up for your appointment or provide notice that you are unable to attend less than 24 hours before your appointment, 100% of the value of your appointment will be charged to the credit card you provided with your booking. 
  • Notice of changes to your booking given under 24 hours is not considered 'fair notice' unless a 'compassionate exception' applies.
  • If you request significant changes the service(s) you booked upon arrival or during your appointment, additional charges may also apply. E.g. booked a full head of foils, but decide to only get a cut.
  • If you would like to understand the reasons for this policy or apply for a 'Compassionate Exception', please contact the salon or read our full terms below.

If notice is received 3 days (or more) before your appointment:
  • No fees apply
  • You will be eligible to have your appointment rescheduled for free or;
  • You can cancel and receive a full refund of your deposit.
  • Business hours can be found here.

Compassionate Exceptions:

We really appreciate our wonderful, loyal clientele, and understand that catastrophic life events can be extremely difficult to predict. For this reason, unavoidable circumstances may be given compassionate consideration. If you feel the circumstances of your last-minute cancellation or reschedule were unavoidable, please let us know and your case will be reviewed by our team.

What is 'Fair Notice?':

For notice to be valid, it must be acknowledged by the salon e.g. your cancellation may not be received if you leave a voicemail or send a direct message or email outside business hours.
If your reschedule or cancellation request is received and acknowledged by the salon before the minimum notice period, you will not be charged any additional fees or forfeit your deposit.
The best way is to contact us is via phone during business hours, or, if this is not possible, message our Facebook or Instagram account for an acknowledgement or response within 24-48 hours.
IMPORTANT: If you have not received communication from us confirming your cancellation, your appointment has not been cancelled and fees as outlined above will still apply. 

Why we charge rescheduling and cancellation fees:

We find it almost impossible to fill cancelled spots at short notice. Last-minute cancellations have a significant impact on our business, our other clients and our team. Our deposit policy is the fairest way of managing commitment to an appointment, and has has the added benefit of avoiding cost increases for our wonderful, loyal clientele. 


How deposits work:

Your deposit is not an extra charge. It is held on an account for you and taken off your final bill when the booked service(s) are completed. Please be aware that the only way you would ever lose your deposit or be charged an additional fee if you cancel or reschedule a your booked appointment within 24hrs.

Appointment requests via Phone or Social Media:

Please note: we cannot confirm a booking without a 25% deposit, so appointment requests made via phone are not valid until your deposit has been received. While we are happy to answer any booking questions via Direct Message, for security reasons, we cannot take credit card details on any social media platform or chat service, so please call the salon or use our online booking link to secure your appointment.

Your responsibilities:

Please note: you consent to these policies when you book your appointment and pay your initial deposit. We consider this a contract between yourself and the salon that you will attend your appointment or give us 'Fair Notice' of any changes.

While we apologise for any inconvenience, please know that we have not made the decision to enforce these booking policies lightly. They are necessary to ensure our time is valued so we can continue to provide high quality client services and a secure working environment for all of our staff.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us, but please understand these policies are strict and firm and will be acted upon without notice.

Important: It is your responsibility to contact us and to ensure we have confirmed any appointment changes before the 'Fair Notice' periods apply. If changes are not confirmed by us, it means your communication has not been received.

AfterPay, ZipPay and other financial payment options:

Should you have an unexpected expense, please feel free to take advantage of our "Pay in four" flexible payment options.